Yanmar Bull/YU700G UTV

Regardless of what the job calls for, the BULL Series is more than up for the task. You’ll find the power, precise handling and comfort to make even the longest days feel that much shorter. Tackle heavy loads with the help of a standard center-mounted, heavy-duty 2-inch receiver-style hitch capable of towing up to 1,500 pounds. Plus, enjoy a spacious interior and available electronic power steering (EPS) that will make you feel like king of the field. Ready to get your YANMAR UTV?

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Series/Model: Bull/YU700G
700-class, SOHC, 4-valve fuel-injected engine

Electric power steering (EPS)

Tru-Torq® CVT drive system delivers constant belt tension

Downhill engine braking

Dial-Lok® means easy drive selection

Fully-independent long travel suspension

Anti-sway bar reduces body roll

Four-wheel, twin-piston, large-diameter hydraulic disc brakes

Starting at $11,895.00 with 3 year YSUP warranty
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